"I'm Free" lyrics - PAUL GILBERT

"I'm Free"

Hold me close and comfort me
Just help me through the pain
I don't know just where to run
To never feel the same
I was fine the days before you came into my life
Since then it seems that I've been runnin' all the time

Set me free
Oh set me free

Going through the ways of love
Has opened up my eyes
Every doubt that tainted you
Was growing all the time
Send it all, send out, send it all away
Sad love has seen it all, always the same

Set me free
Set me free
Oh yeah

Send me out
I won't waste another day
Search around, lost and found
Life has shown me the way
So I'm feelin' it all and I'm feelin' it out
And I see what's all around yeah
I have hope and I'm lovin the fact that you're gone
Yeah you're gone

Set me free
Oh set me free
Oh set me free
Set me free