"Sundial In The Shade" lyrics - PAUL HEATON

"Sundial In The Shade"

As she sat down, put up her feet
And she turned the telly on
She clearly wanted some revenge
For how badly day had gone

And nothing could be better
No end of day complete
Than watching fellow woman
Getting beat

So she smiled a knowing smile
As gradually, the plot
Took the damsel down
For everything she'd got

And nothing made her heart beat like
Another falling flat
That she was not the only one
Who married into that

What I want from life
Is not a roller coaster dip
What I want from love
Is not a ramp up to a skip

All I want is compliment occasionally made
For a life of pure simplicity, unlike these soaps I trade
Till then, I am just that sundial
In the shade

See, mama went to prison
And left her feeling blue
Now, twenty good years later
She's in that prison too

A prison where the governor's
In the armchair of despair
A prison where the only thought
Is a wish she wasn't there

So she smiled a knowing smile
As gradually, he told
Took away her dignity
And offered her the road

So, with coat over pajamas
She headed into the night
Television never made no friends
But solitude just might

In the shade
Sundial in the shade
Ooh-Oh, Ooh-Oh, Ooh-Oh-ooh...

Groom has just, too, made up
With the father of the bride
And the punch, I'm sure that's just too hard
For the bridesmaids to decide

Like the mints that fenced the lager breath
There's so much he could hide
It's a plastic bag or jellyfish
That's floating by your side

In the shade...
All I want from life...
All I want from love...