"Cosmic Mirror" lyrics - PAUL PENA

"Cosmic Mirror"

I looked up in the mirror, Lord
Cosmic mirror blue sky
Who do, who do you think will be
Say it's your halo
Ain't no good love comin' with me

Everybody's down
By the riverside
Yes, we wise so the press line
I take a look at a sea
People starvin' baby
And the dollar bills getting' smaller by the day
But I don't who you think I am
But there ain't no good love comin' with me

But I've seen their chimes
And the highway signs
Send me
I don't make a good jail bird
So I've got the word
I've got to be free

Go down to the bread line
See them comin' on with their thing
A-half of them are sayin'
Keep on movin' baby
Try to find you last spring
And I ring a bell
So loud you can hear it see
But I don't who you think I am, baby
There ain't gonna be no good love with me

But I've got a letter
And it's so to you the time?
I got a two-edged love sword
Keep a lot of eyes from cryin'
And the good'll sigh
Shoot all general down
But that's what they tell me, one day
They look in their books and they say
Right now I'm on the ground

Hear the birds go flyin' by
Hear the birds go feelin' plastic
See them open their shutters and take a birds eye view
Over this world that they've tried to make elastic
And the man, he speaks over
The loud phones for free
He says, "don't be such a bad boy
'cause there ain't no good love comin' through me."
Hear what I say...