"To My Advantage" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"To My Advantage"
feat. Nature

Start to finish
I'm hard to hint it
Taking trips out
To marthas vineyard
God forbidden
Turn my phone off
Start swimmin
Kennedy trial
The sharks bit him
Swallowed him half
The other half
Still left on the plane
He died fast
With incredible pain
Chef rain
When its dry out
Never die out
50 years
Sleek hoes at the hideout
Like britney spears
Give me stares at the club
An handshakes in v.i.p
Every nigga need to
Play they part
Time fly by
Shots goin off
For columbine high
Little white kids
Takin walks
On the crime side
Never come back
Type of thing
Turn america black
Are you ready for that?
Or you ready for
The nuclear war
They push a button
Shits through when you cough

I heard cheap skates
Rock Enyce
See me
I rather go Guess
While yall order
Shit outta eastbay
My feet stay
In some hot shit
Months in advance
Like the athletes
Shoppin like
Its no tax week
I bump ass cheek niggas
Bitches thats cool
My hood rats
Turn to raccoons
And smash goons when its called for
Friends patch wounds
And its all love
We share the same plate
Until the last spoon
Try talkin
With my mouthful
Doubtful niggas
Changin they views
If I'm comin out soon
I outdo rappers on they own track
How true
And never once
Pulled a slouch move
None of the time
Next to me youll be
Numero dos
Hundres of rhymes
Shootin them off
Every which way
My shit spray
At the same time
My shit stay up to par
What the fucks up wit yalls?

Odds an evens
Its hard to beat him
I'm like
Lou Del Valle
When he bobbin n weavin
One shot dropped the champ
Had the garden screamin
I counter your style
With a sparring season
Try to go hard
No holds barred
My crew bogard
The rap regiments
Black greminlinz
Retired with some platinum plaques
We got benefits
Performed some of my hits
On letterman
Down to jenny jones
Recognized in many homes
If the jordans ain't out
I got the pennys on
Laces out like the bookings
Just the way that Run did it
I take this fuckin rap game
An run with it
Double xl
Tell me where ya guns hidden
I'll bet you take one of the slugs that come with it
Life is hectic
Switch my wife every 90 seconds
An make white boys buy my records
The paul mcartneys
You'll never catch me wit courvoisier
On i95
Wit crack in the car seat
High speed chase
Niggas high be laced
They walk around with that grimey face
Just the thug shit