"Dragon" lyrics - PETE TOWNSHEND

(Dave Hastilow)

As I walk out on the street,
The lamps are shining bright,
And the rain begins to fall;
Gonna be another wet night.

And I stand with my back to the wall,
Waiting for your call,
Then I'll know you love me,
Just like you ought to do,
Just like you us taught to do,

So you turn on to a mirror,
And the reflection of all you saw,
Now the path is in front of you,
Another boarded door.

And I stand here a-smiling,
Waiting for his call.
We all know he loves us,
Just like we knew he did,
Right down beyond the years,
And beyond the din of all.

Every day the dragon comes
With its many heads.
With a sword of truth in my hand,
I have laid it dead.

Only 'cos there's love in my heart,
Just like at the start.
And you and I were never apart,
Just like it ought to be,
Just like he made me see

As I walk out on the street,
The stars are shining bright.
And the ground a heavenly rose,
That shines ever so bright.

And I stand here in ecstasy,
I look back at the tears;
I have seen my Master,
After all of these years.
Now I know he loves me;
Now I ain't got any fears;
Please accept a gift of tears.