"Mary Jane" lyrics - PETE TOWNSHEND

"Mary Jane"

'Jai Baba, folks!

Mary Jane became a good friend to me
You showed me ways a different way to be
But now comes a time to move further down the line
So get your Ten l'il fingers off of me.

Mary Jane promised me so much
My soul has been used to your touch
But for every thing we gain, I then became your slave
Mary Jane please take your hands off of me.
This minute!

Their our millions out there waiting for your charms
So proud Mary go and take them in your arms
And threw her lovely eyes, you'll see a new sunrise
But will they see things as they are.

They've taken me on one fantastic life
They've seen how I failed when I tried
I think that now and then I could take to you again
But now I have someone else inside

Mary Jane their are things that I've been told
By a man who is very very old
He said it's up to me if I can but see
His silver will give way to His gold