"I Want It Back" lyrics - PETER FRAMPTON

"I Want It Back"

We lose a team
You sew it down without a fight
My heart is sinking
And there's no life boat in sight

Can't hide my feelings
On the outside, [Incomprehensible]
You read me like a book
My cover's wearing thin

I want it back
I want it back

Let me apologize
For a few things I've said
Funny how a kill is worse
We'll always turned it hell

Sometimes it's true
That I don't listen when you talk
Can't keep my eyes off you
When I watch you walk

I want it back
I want it back
Yeah, yeah

God, when you think you have it on me
Here comes another day to return
I'm sad, it's useless in the moment
Followed with the other lessons learned
Oh yeah, oh yeah

I know I take too much for granted
It's time for me to make amends

I guess the answer is to take it kinda slow
[Incomprehensible] and stains to clean, I know
I'm looking straight ahead, my mind is open wide
Only time will tell if she's really on your side
Really on my side

I want it back
I want it back
Yeah, yeah