"Lady Lieright" lyrics - PETER FRAMPTON

"Lady Lieright"

Lady Lieright, go help fetch my clothes
I'm looking for my broken boots
I hope they show

Yeah, lady do right
Don't do me wrong
We've been together all this time
But that's another song

Susie Sunshine
Well, what's your game?
I'd love to keep you in my drawer
For when it rains

Yeah, where I was going?
I keep drifting away
I think I'll go right back to bed
And I'll sleep the day

Just the other day I took you
To an Oriental restaurant
Gentleman, he took our order
In his mind
And how we said
It's nothing to fly
To the moon
I sat there in a haze
Oh, how I cried aloud
I love that man today

Lady Lieright
Well, I love you so
You make me feel a million dollars
What's it worth now
Yeah, shimmering shadow
Beneath me now
Looking at you gives me heart
I need it now

Lady do right
Lady Lieright