"Vote Brand X" lyrics - PETER HAMMILL

"Vote Brand X"

Here's the modern political man, for sure he's nobody's fool,
Believes in media coverage as a promotional tool.
Trust in him because he's got the right face;
Just in case you harbour doubt
Here is a slogan to tout.

He's such a principled man, all heart, ruled by his brain:
You've seen the TV commercials, you've seen the poster campaign,
You've seen the ads in the papers, there's nothing else to explain.
Just some words to maximise the market,
Just a message that will reach the target,
Promises that turn to dust.
He is a man you can trust.
This is a man of the people in politics now.

Politics now, it's just like selling soap powder,
No money down - you lucky punters -
Full guarantee,
Five year's trial free!

He is a man you can trust.
By dint of market research he knows which truths he should tell;
He's got the mark of conviction, it serves the agency well;
Yes, he's on course for election in politics now.
Trust the propagandists' manifesto,
Trust the politician with the promo,
Trust the ads to buy your vote.

Vote for brand x, it's just like selling soap powder,
Whatever next? You lucky punters,
Full guarantee...
Whatever next?
Show trials by decree...

The show trials are free,
The show trials come free,
Vote for brand x.