"Sun & Moon" lyrics - PHIL WICKHAM

"Sun & Moon"
(Peter Kipley / Phil Wickham)

If You are the Sun, then I want to be the moon
I want to reflect the light that shines from You
And if this is war then I'm going to draw my sword
This time I know what I am fighting for

God I want to let You know I love everything You are
I'm waiting for the morning light to show a fire in the dark

Shine Your Light I want to feel You now
God I need a miracle
Take my heart make it glow
Shine Your Light from the inside out
I want to be more like You
If You are the Sun then I want to be the moon

If love is a choice then I need You to hear my voice
I'm the one knocking on Your door making all this noise
Whatever it takes, I'd give all away
I want to show my love in a thousand ways

I can't live single day without You, I don't even want to try
I won't take another step without Your light, Your light