"Living Reckless" lyrics - PLAYBOI CARTI

"Living Reckless"

Yeah, JC
I'm just, I'm just makin'

Dead hoes, now wait, hustle and aesthetic-based
When the golden boys hit the corner, scavengers surround the place
Even when I was saying grace, they did that shit for Satan's sake
Thinking he can help, seen my niggas sent to heavens gates
Never heard of AK, never had the time to play
Until the neighbors leave, [?], bitch, it's time to skate
Train to the devil, it's the only time life makes sense
Fuck with the zombie, you'll get redder than a white bitch
(Yeah, shit) It's like my world is the residence
Life can be so pleasant when you living that shit reckless
Living that shit reckless

Corduroys on a golden boy, supreme team with gold blings
Signatures on they wings, parachute bags
Brass knuckles and knick knacks, pockets full of cheddar
And empty dime bags, rollin' up the hash with the fellas
Higher than ever, I dead 'em all, where's the shovel?
Zombie Gang to the other, that's my brother (JC)
Just raised from another, that's my nigga, though
We bringing bitches to the condo, I think they kinda shy, though
It's still all good, though, they say they from Toronto
I woulda thought Chicago, they say they tryna smoke some
I say, "Bitch, shake that ass, though"
Weed got me fucked up, can you please try to take it slow?
Hold up, you grabbin' my pants, tryna to see what you working with
You doin' too much, I'm just trying to fuck, so whatchu sayin'?
Dont be playin', I don't like to be upset too much
You blowin' my high, you tryna chill or what? What?

Nah, let me tell you 'bout this group, right-
I'm just tryna-
They name is- uh...
I'm j- I'm j- (I'm just tryna)
... the freaking Zombies or something>
I'm just tryna- (I'm just tryna make it)
There's this lil' dude, right? His name JC
Cartier, Cartier
Just listen to his [?], what's his [?]
Livin' that shit reckless (Livin' that shit)
Livin' that shit reckless, yeah!