"Zombie$" lyrics - PLAYBOI CARTI


Coke in the lip, gettin' head in the whip
No average, bad bitch, ass thick
Fat tits, she a dime, fuckin' with a dime, dollar bill
State of mind, TMZ, fuck enemies, I skateboard with Zombies
My niggas blow good, got them palm trees on the palm trees
When the shark speak, I'm a showboat
On a jet ski rockin' SBs, rockin' Tommy
Fendi belt where the 9 be
Blowin' hella smoke, where your soul go?
Where your spirit at?
Gettin' cash bitch, I gotta have shit
I got cheetah print on my Pumas bitch
My lungs black, my brain pink
Swisher guts, leave evidence
That I've bent over and fucked your bitch
I'm an asshole, I might take your ho
So don't bring your ho in my presence
Graveyard my residence
Zombie broads give me neck and shit
Pulled off with the top off
Let the smoke clear
Cartier in here
I got a bitch in a different place
Cold weather, North Face
All black, Cartier yeah
I do what I can, I'm the fuckin' man
Man, ask your bitch, she a fuckin' fan