"Agallah Prodigy Tribute" lyrics - PMD

"Agallah Prodigy Tribute"
feat. Agallah

[Intro: Agallah]
Yo PMD what up?
Yeah man, we just lost one of our comrades
Prodigy (Rest In Paridise), Dunny (Rest In Paridise)
Hold ya head Mobb Deep, Infamous Mobb

[Verse 1: Agallah]
Yo, My nigga Prodigy gone I'm left devastated
You be a shook one if doctors have you [?]
My nigga left a mark as just one of the greatest
They don't want us to live, they just wanna degrade us
We need better healthcare, if nothing can save us
[?] where they make you work for low wages
Niggas have no idea what true pain is
You still [?] my nigga never get too famous
We livin' in the dark ages we ain't stargazin'
Gimme a dope beat I'll come with the bars blazin'
Hold ya' head half to death, straight from the cradle
P will always have a seat up at the round table
Smoke weed, drink Henny with the brown label
P 'll tell you like dunn, never let 'em play you
My nigga's from hempstead, they was lyrically fatal
Albert Johnson my G, you was more than amazing

[Verse 2: PMD]
Rest in beats Prodigy, Sean P and all the artists that passed
Rest In Peace
The flag's half staff in the Hip-Hop community
P you came through on It's The Pee '97
Now you gone but not forgotten up with the lord in heaven
You put it down with Das EFX on Microphone Master
Showed up to the video while they show got plastered
You spoke your mind, said what you meant, but meant what you said
Regardless of the circumstances, kept a level head
Never made excuses always took it as it came
Endured the pain, on top of that dealt with the pain
Now there's no more pain
With me P, you always kept with the buck and always maintained
You was the one who said your chain bang down on tables
I throw a TV at you crazy, when the P was shwayze
Mobb Deep Shook One the Hip-Hop anthem
You face on the Hip-Hop Mount Rushmore
Your fans is still dancin' your legacy lives on and your music's knockin'
You left your mark on Hip-Hop and P you still poppin'

(Hey, yo, painkiller key raps, get dope off of this here shit)