"The Incredible P.W.E.I. Vs. The Moral Majority" lyrics - POP WILL EAT ITSELF

"The Incredible P.W.E.I. Vs. The Moral Majority"

What is the truth about rock music?
Music is a powerful, and perhaps
The most powerful medium in the world, music
Plato says
When the music of a society changes
The whole society will change
Aristotle, a contemporary of Plato's, says
When music changes there should be laws
To govern the nature and the character of that music
Lenin says
The best and the quickest way to undermine any society is through its music
Music, ladies and gentlemen, is the gift of God
It was given by man to offer praises to God
And to lift us up to Him, and to exalt Him
And so even touch the tender recesses
Of our heart and of our mind
Satan has taken music and he has counterfeited it
Convoluted it
Twisted it
Exploited it
And now he's using to hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer...
Hammer a message
Into the minds and the lifestyle of this generation