"End" lyrics - POWERMAN 5000


Take it to the end dead
Take it to the end
Take it to the dead end

Check the man on the corner
Who could it be, I can't see
'Cause his face is covered with a hood

I should and I could of expected
My life was disconnected
The darker it gets the better I feel
The less I see the more things seem real
I move on, the hate I feel is to strong
Connection, is made from the inner yeah
I'm stayin true but still I'm made to look like
A sinner who stole the soul of me

I broke the mold

Roll, I roll, I roll with the punches
Got nothing but to move (?)
And I find that yeah

Take it to the end dead
Take it to the end
Take it to the dead end

The (?) and the creature with a happy face
Glad to see you run when you run in place
Glad to see your ass when your lost in space
The final punch here is here yeah

Stranger in a strange land
Is what I chose for myself
I think the choice was right
For my mental heath
'Cuz now no one will follow me yeah
Now no one will follow me

And if they do

They're sure to get lost in the haze
I got maze after maze after maze after maze
It's amazing it's all in the brain
So get your ass some water
'Cuz the shit is now blazing

Check yourself
Put yourself in check
Free your mind
Then you come correct
I expect to give what I get
And get what I give
And I know that you jet
When I step
Life's around for the fool yeah
Find ya lost yeah
Your brain by the bruise
I ain't givin
No disrespect
Just find my space and I disconnect
I disconnect
I disconnect

And I burn for 25 years