"Ballad Of Bodacious" lyrics - PRIMUS

"Ballad Of Bodacious"

Bodacious am a whole lotta bull
Over nineteen hundred pounds
He's born in Galry, Oklahoma
And he's the baddest sonsabitch around
If a Burma bull ever were a super star
Then Bodacious just might be
He's a cream colored, beefy brawn
Full-fledged, four-footed bovine celebrity

Who's gonna ride Bodacious?
Who's gonna tame him down?
Look out for Bodacious
He's bound to hold his ground
Here comes Bodacious
Ya'll just step aside
Big and bad Bodacious
Takes a toll from those who ride

Young Bo met a man named Tuff Hedeman
At the start of his buckin' spree
And Tuff became one of the few to make the whistle
Back in Nineteen Ninety-Three

Tuff tried to ride Bo again at the finals
In Nineteen Ninety-Five
Bodacious had got a little older and wiser
Tuff barely came out alive