"Cheer Up Charlie" lyrics - PRIMUS

"Cheer Up Charlie"

You get blue like everyone
But me and Grandpa Joe
Can make your troubles go away
Blow away, there they go

Cheer up Charlie
Give me a smile
What happened to that smile
I used to know

Don't you know your grin
Has always been my sunshine
Let that sunshine show

Come on Charlie
No need to frown
Deep down you know
Tomorrow is your toy

When days get heavy
Never pitter-patter
Up and at 'em boy
Up and at 'em boy

Someday, sweet as a song
Charlie's lucky day will come along
Till that day you've got to stay strong, Charlie
Up on top is right where you belong

Look up Charlie
You'll see a star
Just follow it
And keep your dreams in view

Pretty soon the sky
Is going to clear up, Charlie
Cheer up Charlie do
Cheer up Charlie do
Cheer up Charlie do
Just be glad you're you
Cheer up Charlie