"Poetry And Prose" lyrics - PRIMUS

"Poetry And Prose"

I ain't one for poetry, ain't one for prose. Ain't one for the scent of a spring-time rose.
But the is one face that I do know, I sure get a kick out of that Beavis and Butt-head show.

Other day I turn my TV on, and guess what I do see?
Two crazy-ass cartoon sunsabitches staring on back at me.
Said "What the hell's this", and Ler said ";Boy, don't you know?"
The whole world's gone crazy over that there Beavis and Butt-head show.

Talk about couch fishing, now I could go for that.
I could go for frog baseball, but I be inclined to use a cat!
On comedy, I'm a stooges man. I like Larry, Curly and Moe.
But now and then a get a chuckle watchin' the Beavis and Butt-head show.

Stone-Temple Pearlvana Chain, now there's a helluva band.
They got that original sound that's sweepin' 'cross the land.
Ain't no ZZ Top though, now that's the band for me.
If I had my way MTV'd play just them and AC/DC.

I ain't nothing special, I'm your average kinda man.
I like a frosted barley pop and I drink 'em outta the can!
I don't give a rat's ass about poetry and not a damn 'bout prose.
I sure get a kick outta them Beavis and Butt-head shows.

[Butthead:] "Hey Beavis..."
[Beavis:] "What?"
[Butthead:] "I was just like...thinking and stuff...it was pretty cool."
[Beavis:] "Yeah, I'm gonna try that."
[Butthead:] "TV is cool..."
[Beavis:] "Yeah, yeah, TV rules...it rules! Yeah..."
[Butthead:] "Hey Beavis...I heard that pretty soon, they're gonna have, like, 500 channels. That's gonna be cool."
[Beavis:] "Really? That would be cool."
[Butthead:] "You know what would be really cool, though? If like, one of the channels didn't suck."
[Beavis:] "Yeah, but, like, if one of them didn't suck, why would you need the other...um...three hundred and twenty-seven?"
[Butthead:] "Because, you know all those TV shows that suck? It's like, you gotta put them somewhere! You can't put 'em on the cool channel!"
[Beavis:] "Yeah, yeah! They should call it the cool channel!"