"Funky" lyrics - PRINCE


[segued from "Love, Thy Will Be Done"]
Y'all like that shit we just did at the end?
Y'all wanna get funky?
Aww shit!

Mayte's in the kitchen stirring up the pot
Brother's out here waiting, trying 2 see what she got
What she trying 2 show me, is not from the Golden Rule

This here funk, y'all, listen 2 me, U can't learn it
in school

Let's get funky, yeah!
Get it on, right on!

Morris on the organ, a-gettin' real funky
Tommy on piano, gettin' funky 2
Michael B. on the drum uh, gettin' real funky
I got something that I wanna shake 4 U


People in the front row, U know U get funky
People upstairs, U know U're real funky 2
NPG, we know we're funky
Cuz we do everything and anything we want 2


Is it funky? [x2]
Alright! This is alright!

Funky, yeah!