PRINCE lyrics - Moonbeam Levels

"Moonbeam Levels"

Yesterday I tried 2 write a novel but I didn't know where 2 begin
So I laid down in the grass tryin' 2 feel the world turn
Boy loses girl in a rain storm, nuclear World War III
All that's left is pain and sorrow, as far as he's concerned

He says please send all your moonbeam levels 2 me
Please send all your moonbeam levels 2 me
Please send all your moonbeam levels 2 me
I'm lookin' 4 a better place 2 die

Maybe he's lookin' 4 a different world
Maybe he's lookin' 4 a brand new high
Maybe he would like a nice condo overlookin' the rings of Saturn
Maybe he wants affection instead of a plastic life
Maybe he doesn't know what he wants at all


A newborn child knows nothing of destruction
Nothing of love and hate
What happens in between is a mystery
Because we don't give a damn about his fate

He said he'll never keep diaries 2 learn from his mistakes
Instead he'll just repeat all the good things that he's done
Fight 4 perfect love until it's perfect love he makes
When he's happy then his battle will be won
(It's never 2 late)

[Chorus 2x]

He don't, he don't, he don't really wanna die
He don't wanna, he don't wanna, he don't wanna die [x2]
He don't really wanna die