"Rebirth Of A Nation" lyrics - PROFESSOR GRIFF

"Rebirth Of A Nation"

P.E., c'mon now!
Here the
Here the, hear the beat go
(C'mon!) Hit me
Cold live can, cold live
(Bring the noise!) To the beat y'all
{"Turn it up!)
C'mon now! That's all?
Ah-ah-ah-aight I got it, ah-ah-alright y'all, alright y'all

We come rough with the rhythm and rhymes that pack 'em in
Bust with the rhythm that shines back once again
Still ride with releases reachin' each
Still strive to revive and keep the peace
And still knowin' how to crush the mo'
We still showin' with the monster flows that you know
And bleed the beast that, keeps the peace back
Must defeat that, bring that beat back!
When X plays on the cross fades we rave
To make us all come together, brothers doin' our thang
In this land where the plan is to blind the mind
We go wild and understand the grand design
We brought back what'cha missed, feel the voice resist
Black fist got us sittin' on the government list (oh shit!)
From the North to the near, hear it loud and clear
There's no fear, keep the people aware with Public Enemy

(The enemy the enemy the enemy the enemy)

Rhyme animal
C'mon Griff
Hear the beat go, Terminator what?
DJ lord c'mon now!
Guerilla Funk'n
To the beat y'all, shakin' the ground
What a brother know
Once again back is the incredible

It's P.G. out the gutter to absorb the fight
Six shots, slang shots, stick cops at night
Might pass on the black ski-mask and gloves
Revolutionary love, in Allah we trust
This one's for the workers in the struggle to rise
For the brothers in the pen and the women despised
For all the people's pain from the brain control
For niggas in the game that done lost their soul
Hope goes to the folks don't hold the max
And the ten percent blood suckin askin blacks
To pass the gat, and snatch that book off the shelf
It don't mean shit without knowlege of self
Don't trip when the real clip rip the club
'Cause when the brothers get together we gon' all come up
Keep it live in your ear so it's loud and clear
There's no fear keep the people aware with Public Enemy

(The enemy the enemy the enemy the enemy)

Huh! Terminator's back
Hear the beat go
Let me hear you say c'mon now
Bring the noise, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hey yo check one two
Guerilla Funk'n, here we go again
Hear the beat go, P.E.
Cold live, can cold live