"Albright Monument Baghdad" lyrics - PROPAGANDHI

"Albright Monument Baghdad"

Wadia's best friend's youngest sister was denied a proper burial
For two days they couldn't douse the flames the allied planes had showered on her tiny body
And all the paper trails that lead to all the roads that lead to all these Basras
Seems we're all just collateral damage waiting to be happening

In some unforeseen fucking Pentagon budget-drill
Today's Ba'ath regime is just the red scare of yesteryear
And I drink myself to sleep because I'm losing faith

That we can amount to anything more than reluctant human subsidies
The moving parts in a death-machine
Protesting their complicity
Waiting for somebody else to throw their body on the churning gears

I drink myself to sleep because
I'm losing faith that we
We here in the cradle of
Affluence can cease

Our sickening drive for individual strength through
State-powers' swinging fists
That we'll ever look back and laugh
At the irony that is

Atomic murderers enshrined in Independence, USA
While 8000 miles from here
In the cradle of democracy
It's another banner year

For a cottage industry
A ritual at the corner of George and Constantine
As foundries scramble to recast
This decapitated monument