"Habits" lyrics - PUP


I'll let you try and contain
All of your life in cardboard boxes
I keep repeating your name
Walking around in that empty apartment

Told you I'm doing just fine, but to tell the truth
I feel like total shit whenever I'm with you (Oh)
I don't change, I just push right through

Oh, count your regrets
Keeping time with the drip of that leaky faucet
And that pain in your chest
It feels good to know that you haven't lost it yet

And if I want your hooks out of me, I can make this a habit
I was trying to keep it together, but I was too distracted
By the part of me that's been lacking the most

I gotta change these habits
I gotta change these habits
It's more than it takes
So I gotta change, I gotta change
I gotta change all these habits 'cause

You said you figured me out, we haven't spoken since
And I thought I would love the spotlight, but it only made me squint
I don't change, I just push through it