"Dare" lyrics - QUEENSRYCHE


You say that I got something real
Line up, let's take it to the stream
When you put it one slows me down
Give up, they're about to put you throw it round

Can we stick it anymore?
I won't mistake it anymore

Slow dance around, no extent
If it's taking high on context
I'll put you down and take you out

What do you got? What do you got to show?
Look me in the eye, that's how I know

You wouldn't (dare)
You wouldn't (dare)
You wouldn't (dare hurt me)
Confusions maybe hurt yourself

Positively guaranteed
There's no one there when you bleed
Scrape away our memories left
Got against, yall avenged early
Not a chance

All this time that I've let you slide
I'm just waitin for the day
I've got nothing but time
You wouldn't (dare)
You wouldn't (dare cross me)
I don't mind about but I cross yourself

Uh, you just bout to get hurt
Yea, you just bout to get hurt

Gotta get yo head steady
Gotta get yo head
Gotta get yo head steady
Gotta get, Gotta get yo head steady

To live in fear with every breath
I hope it's worth it
I hope it's worth a a flatch

You think you're different but you're the same
Don't stay around with your frozen hells
When you lie for someone has to be

[Chorus 2x]

Hurt yourself
Hurt yourself
You wouldn't dare