"This Time Of Night" lyrics - RALPH MCTELL

"This Time Of Night"

Thank you for the party and I thank you for the wine
I think I better get along now, I know it's time.
And maybe you were wrong and maybe, maybe you were right
But I won't talk about it now, this time of night.

About what happened, well, what can I say?
'Cept it was bound to happen sometime anyway
And you want me to say I'm sorry
Well, alright, alright,
But I won't ask forgiveness from you now this time of night.

See, my friend, I been laying it down on the line
About what happened, well I don't blame the wine
And if I stick around much longer you'd be asking me to fight.
And that would not solve anything this time of night.

Oh, my friend, I don't expect you to see me to the door
And I don't suppose you'll see me Coming round here much anymore
And do not feel, oh do not feel you have to say good-night
It's much too late for words like that right now, this time of night.