"Fifteen Cents And A Dollar" lyrics - RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT

"Fifteen Cents And A Dollar"

I left my home in Tennessee
Thought I'd learn to travel
But then I met a pretty little girl
And soon we played the devil
I loved that gal and she loved me
And I thought we'd live together
But then we tied that fatal knot
And now I'm gone forever

Gimme back my fifteen cents
Gimme back my money;
Gimme back my fifteen cents
And I'll go home to Mammy

Twas fifteen cents for the preacher man
A dollar for the paper
Then dear old mother-in-law moved in
And, Lordy, what a caper!
I fiddled a tune for her one day
And she called me a joker
Then that old sow got mad at me
And hit me with a poker

I worked in town and I worked on the farm
But there's no way t'suit'em
They're both so dad-burn mean t'me
Somebody oughta shoot'em
I'm tired of looking at my mother-in-law
I'd like t'see m'Granny
Gonna leave the state of Arkansas
And go back home t'Mammy!