"Please Remember Me" lyrics - RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT

"Please Remember Me"
(Walter Davis)

I will never forget the day
You said goodbye so tenderly
I could see it in your eyes that you would always
Always remember me

Out of all my hardships I remember
The smile that you had on your face
And it gave me great consolation
No one else would take my place

When my mind was so lonely
Wondering if I would ever see your face again
Lord, you don't know, you don't know baby
You don't know what shape I was in

True love covers everything
Just as the snow covers a cold, cold ground
And if you have that kind of love, love for me
You will never let me down

When I can't see you again
Don't know just when that will be
When my heart is still crying
Please remember me

When my heart is still crying, still crying
Please remember me