"Talking Miner" lyrics - RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT

"Talking Miner"

I'm just a miner in a mining town
I work like a mole in a hole in the ground
When the sun comes up til the sun goes down
I don't see much sun in a mining town
Just a hard rock, soft coal
Lead, zinc and all other kinds of hard stuff

Got up this morning in the same old way
I had a hot coffee to start off my day
Kissed my wife goodbye in her stocking feet
I went outside and walking down the street
Walking and thinking, thinking and walking

Centralia here is a pretty little town
You can see Illinois for miles around
But I can't see too far working down in a hole in the ground

This blast it hit us in the number five
I don't know how many come out alive
And they hauled me out with a busted head
The lady said there's a hundred and eleven was dead

Well I'm wondering if a blast was ever to come to a Senator's seat
Explosions was ever to rock the Congress' halls
Would they put in any safety devices
Think there's just about enough loose gas floating around that Capitol dome
To make a might big blow if a spark was ever to hit it