"True Blue Jeans" lyrics - RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT

"True Blue Jeans"
(Ramblin' Jack Elliott / Roy Rogers)

Let me tell you 'bout a pair of jeans I once had
I bought 'em at a work-clothes shop
A store anymore where a sailor at shore
Can find good work clothes and go to work

I'm talking about a place east
Where a cowboy in town can drown his sorrows
In good blue Denim and the camp is brown

It's there I's spies these old Levis
I mean, they're brand spankin' new
But the style was old
True blue jeans, made of dark blue cloth
And got that sweet sofy smell in there
Think and hard, so they'll wear really well
Buy 'em loose, 'cause they're gonna shrink
I get 'em three extra inches in length
And two in the waist, they'll soon sit tight
Divided you wash and dry 'em right

Here's what I done and it's half the fun
True blue jeans
From the days when a man's best friend was his old six gun
I'd paste a rope up one leg inside and across down the other side
And close that bit with a bowlin' knot
Tight the better end to a stump nearby
And toss them in the creek and watch them sink
I left them soaking overnight
When morning come, I saw the sight
I pulls them out, unties the line, wrung 'em out
Hung 'em on a branch and baked in the sun
Lightly done on the ranch
True blue jeans

I pulls 'em on when they're bone dry
And they were still quite still I could testify
But softer than they were before
Now I could walk from here to the door
Not stiff as a board but they still got some style
To ease your comfort in the saddle spandrel
True blue jeans

And that's the way they made 'em when your old.44 was your very best friend
When your word was true and jeans were dark blue