"When Mama Prayed" lyrics - RANDY TRAVIS

"When Mama Prayed"

For you I am praying
For you I am praying
For you I am oraying
I'm praying for you

Daddy never went to church on Sunday
He said that's one thing I'll never do
Mama never gave up she said one day
He'll be sitting here beside me and you

I can still hear Mama softly talking
Her tears falling on her folded hands
So that Easter Sunday Daddy walked
That's when I began to understand

When Mama prayed, good things happened
When Mama prayed, lives were changed
Not much more than five foot tall
But mountains big and small
Crumbled all the way when Mama prayed

Seventeen and wild I hit the bottom
Doing and thing I dang well please
Burning down life's highway at full throttle
While Mama burned a candle on her knees

Then one night I came home half sober
I saw Mama kneeling in the den
As I listened, she and Jesus talked it over
And I knew my restless days were 'bout to end


It isn't like every one of them got answered
But the times they weren't seems to me were rare
You almost felt sorry for the devil
Cause heaven knows he didn't have prayer