"Bubbling Hot" lyrics - RANKING ROGER

"Bubbling Hot"

Now easy Radical Roger.
Respect Mr. Pato Banton.
Rough. Just like a soup ina pot we are what?
Bubbling hot!

We bubbling hot hot hot, we bubbling hot!

Just like a soup ina pot we bubbling hot
Uh say Mr. Banton a rock you non-stop.
Along with Ranking Roger me bonified brother
We believe ina love not fighting one another.
We're gonna hit the spot with all that we got
So listen to the lyrics we a fling 'pon the track.
It no matter if you slim it no matter if you fat
And it no matter if you cold because you gonna get hot.

'Cause his name is Pato and my name is Roger
The two of we together like a bird of a feather.
Get off of you couch no time to relax
Cah when we come together pure amnesty a chat.
We telling you fe bubble come in pon the double
This is another way yeah to keep you out of trouble.
So whether you are white or whether you are black
You fe rock non-stop because the two a we a rap.

Uh we rock the short.
Yes we rock the tall.
Uh we rock the big.
Yes we rock the small.
In the dance hall.
We rock them all.
Yes Pato and Roger we de pon de ball... Speed it up!

The short the tall (we rock them all)
The big the small (we rock them all)
The white the black (we rocka them all)
The skinny the fat (we rock them all).
The weak the strong (we rock them all).
The old the young (we rock them all).
The woman and man (we rock them all)
All because we bubbling hot!