"Harrow Road" lyrics - RANKING ROGER

"Harrow Road"

I saw Elvis washing clothes
In the launderette by the growth
Watchin' powder on his nose
Down the Harrow Road
He was talkin' 'bout a song
Had it all, but got it wrong
Now he wants to join the band
And play along

So many stories being told
Down Harrow Road
Since you're reality a row
Down Harrow Road
Down the Harrow Road

There's this bloke who thinks he's handy
Selling gloves and homemade brandy
He comes all the way from Wendy
Down Harrow Road
You see lover by the cemetery wall
From the bridge of back to forth
Don't let them work in overnight
They were the things, you know

I was having a smoke at Raylough
It was raining down on me
I was getting softer in this night job
Tryin' to finish my LP

Down the Harrow Road