"Up Beat" lyrics - RAPEMAN

"Up Beat"

You're making me really mad
If I didn't know better
I'd swear you were trying to get me
Take you apart put you back together

Fucked up rusted
You're kinda fucked
Stay outta my hemisphere baby
You're gonna come up and take a look at this

All I wanna do is wreck your ass
Completely deflating my mood
As if I really needed a reason
To stomp an obvious pussy like yourself

You're a waste of skin
I'm fixing to vomit
A freak and a slob like you
I bet you've got a lot of friends

Your timing really sucks
I was taking a bath
Now, I'm not dressed
I'll kick your ass

That's all right with me
I wanna shoot you anyway
Step up to the windowsill
Me and Wilma'll blow you away

If I had six inches and
Maybe 50 pounds
Maybe if I had Kung Fu training
You'd really have to watch your ass

I suppose I'm not too threatening presently
But wait till I start Nautilus...