"Mother, Look, I'm An Acrobat" lyrics - RAY CHARLES

"Mother, Look, I'm An Acrobat"

You must do like this-a [trick]
You must do like this-a [trick]

Oh no, not-a without a mat-a.

It's easy you try-a [trick]

Easy, my eye-a [on her fanny]

Just-a practice you must-a.

I will till I bust-a.

Mother, look, I'm an acrobat
Baby's jumped in the ring
Once I sat as a back-row bat,
Now I nip up and spring.
Hear your daughter yell, "Allez-up!"
With the strong man I'll play.
Watch them lift this tamale up
And we'll rally up all the crowd there.
I have never groused about
Showing my from in tights
Or watching a clown or roustabout
In fight-
Join the circus and see the world,
Monkey and tiger pup.
Now my circus will be the world.
I'm an acrobat "Allez-up!"