"Country Girl" lyrics - RAY LAMONTAGNE

"Country Girl"

Country girl
Country girl
If you don't mind
Baby we could give it a whirl
Left my home and family for
The sound of the rock and roll band
Been so long I can't recall
How it all began

Country girl
The Southern kind
On my mind
Left my home and family for
The soul in a rock and roll song
Just like you I could sure use
Someone to lean on

You may love upon a masa
Desert sky light a laze in a rose
I fell into her just like
That leaf falls in the water
Just like saying lonesome I suppose

I suppose

Country girl
Your papa's pride
Dusty boots
Easy smile
Left my home and family for
A life there ain't no choosing
Country girl don't throw me
No illusisions

Country girl
Country girl
Graceful as a sparrow
Free as a bird
Left my home and all that I've known
For the road and the tale I control
Lying here with you in the fore glow
I'd swear you were an angel, angel