"Stones Throw From Lonesome" lyrics - RAY LAMONTAGNE

"Stones Throw From Lonesome"

The sun it fell down
On the rising sea
When the bishop outgrew his pew
Beggin' money man
Got his hands all over me
Lets hope he don't put 'em on you

My vision welled
Then overflowed
To spill on down to the green grass
The chapel bell rose back then tolled
Go on a tollin'
Till the tollin' passed

Maggie stops
Unlocks the door
She's sixty-four
She steps down into the street
Oh, the city sounds
Like a one-man band
And the bricks turn blue beneath her feet

The queen she laid down
With the fiddler's son
But it was their words she used to seek
She said to him
"Let's go down
To where the grass is tall and brown
You can lay that rhythm down
Right on me
Right on me
Right on me"
Yeah uh huh

Wipe your eyes child
With your head down low
Yes I believe in time you'll grow son
Look around
There's a big old world
A stone's throw from lonesome