"Freudian Slip" lyrics - RAY STEVENS

"Freudian Slip"

Well, she was walking toward me in a tight red dress
Looking like she just won a beauty contest
I wanted so bad to make a good impression
Using all the powers of articulate expression
Then all the blood rushed out of my head
And I can't be held responsible for what I said

'Cause what I meant to say was... "I'd be honored to
Reveal to you some aspects of our fair metropolis that
A lady of your obvious sophistication might find
Extremely stimulating."

What slipped out was... "[Blabbering] Wanna see my pet frog?"

Freudian slip (a slip of the tongue)
My brain does a flip (and I come undone)
My tongue starts to trip (all over my words)
And they come out of my lips (like something you never heard)
In my desperate attempts to be cool
I try to be hip, and I'm a blabbering fool
What I mean to say is poetic
But what comes out is just pathetic


No time for regrets - hey, what are you gonna do
'Cause the very next day I had a job interview
But then came the shocker and I don't mean maybe
The personnel director was the very same lady
I thought, here's my chance to turn it all around
I'll dazzle her by saying something profound

And what I meant to say was... "I'm quite confident
That I have the educational qualifications and the
Inherent sensitivity to become an indispensible asset
To your establishment."

What slipped out was... "[Blabbering] Would you sign my arm?"

[Chorus 2x]