"Game Show Love" lyrics - RAY STEVENS

"Game Show Love"

I had lost the 'Family Feud' in the 'Newlywed Game' and my 'Concentration' was in 'Jeopardy'. Love's 'Wheel of Fortune' was causing me pain. I had struck out behind doors one, two, and three. You said sign in please in the 'Dating Game'. I was bachelor number one I thought your love was real. You said come on down, you just won a brand new start. You said the secret word and I said 'Let's Make a Deal'.

Oh, but love was just a game to you.
The survey says it's true and who can name that song?
Would the real you please stand up
'Cause I have had enough of this show that you put on.

I thought the price was right when you asked me 'What's My Line?' and I said 'I've Got a Secret' but I'll tell ya. It's the '$64,000 Question' but will you be mine? I was betting it all that I was gonna sell ya. 'Who Do You Trust?', 'You Bet Your Life' and be wrong? 'To Tell The Truth' I never thought you'd give me the gong! Instead of a 'Treasure Hunt' it was just a laugh-a-thon. Just puttin' me on, stringin' me along.

[Chorus 2x]