"Gimme A Smile" lyrics - RAY STEVENS

"Gimme A Smile"

In seclusion for what seemed like the longest time.
It occurred to me I'm not the way I want to be.
Separated from the one I belong to.
Made a hole inside my heart.
Wide enough to tear apart.
Oh baby (baby), we can start over.

Gimme a smile (gimme a smile) and I'll give you a kiss
And I'll throw in a hug or two for all the love I made you miss.
Won't you, gimme a smile (gimme a smile) and I'll give you my soul.
And I'll tell you a hundred "I love you's" everyday we're growing older.

Lost the treasure I never knew I had.
Failed in all I tried, had no feeling left inside.
I awaken to find myself in need of the warm surroundings
I once knew and my arms surrounding you.
Oh baby (baby).
Baby, maybe we can start over?

[Chorus 2x]