"Osama Yo' Mama (Alternate Version)" lyrics - RAY STEVENS

"Osama Yo' Mama (Alternate Version)"

Osama - yo' mama didn't raise you right
When you were young she must have wrapped yo' turban too tight
She should have kept you home on those arabian nights
It's plain to see - you need some therapy

Osama - yo' mama could have done a lot better
Though I bet every day you did somethin' to upset her
By the way, we got an answer to your anthrax letter
New York City's where it's from - its called the smart bomb

And I can hear yo' mama sayin' now, "You in a heap o' trouble son
Now just look what you've done!
Saw you on TV with yo' gun
Mercy sakes, I can't do a thing with you
Told ya Dubya's gonna get you

And I can just hear Dubya sayin', "You in a heap 'o trouble boy
And I don't think you will enjoy
Our game of search and destroy
We got your terror right here,
We gonna run it up your rear.

Osama - yo' mama didn't teach you how to act
You've crossed the line too far this time, there ain't no turnin' back
You're startin' to remind us of another maniac
Yeah, you know who he started World War Two

Osama - yo' mama didn't teach you to behave
Now they say you're hangin' with the bats in a cave
Well, pullin' off that sneak attack was not too brave
Kinda makes us remember the 7th of December


Osama yo' karma's really got you in a jam
But that's just what you get - when you mess with Uncle Sam

Osama the Taliban is history
Nobody wants to see you startin' World War Three

Osama you know the al-Qaida won't last
Osama, just like you, it's future's in the past

Lets just pray your mama will be plastered!
Because oshama you sure are a basturd!