"Piece Of Paradise" lyrics - RAY STEVENS

"Piece Of Paradise"

There must be a slice of heaven missing. A little must have fallen from the sky. How else can you explain that feeling you obtain just south of Kentucky and west of the Caroline. And the beauty of the mountains and the rivers. Flowing through the valley emerald green. We'll steal your heart away and make you want to stay. Nowhere can compare that I have ever seen.

And the angels hover over Tennessee.
And the stars form a shining canopy.
And the moonshine in the hills where you'll never find those stills and the hound dogs all sing in harmony.
And the music's found a home in Tennessee.
And it reaches out and touches you and me.
And the rest of the world just wishes they could be this piece of paradise-no place half as nice-this Piece of Paradise Called Tennessee.

Whenever life starts getting to me and all my problems decide to appear. I remember how I felt when I was someplace else and I thank God that I can be right here. 'Cause this ol' world is certainly not a perfect place. Everywhere you go you find that old rat race. And I've been all around and it's the best place I have found. The closest thing to heaven down here on the ground.