"Butcher Flower's Woman" lyrics - REVOLTING COCKS

"Butcher Flower's Woman"

Butcher flower's woman
She did what she could
Nothing beyond
What a good girl would
Did you take the bait?
Oh, woman, did you take that bait?

When you fell like the butchered
Onto slabs wide open
Cut a fresh new life
All that pale blue broken
Did you choke on your fist?
Oh, woman, did you take that bait?

I made an appointment
Do you want to take her
Don't call it by name;
Were you that impressed?
Oh, baby, that makes two of us.

Did you make an appointment?
Were you that impressed?
Did you take what you needed
And kill the rest?

You ought to take a leaf
Out of daddy's book
All blood and petals
Hanging from a meat hook
'Cos she who breathes last
Or not at all
Hounding acrobats
With sabre and tongs
Curse the bastard eyes
With a rag you stole
From a bleeding butcher boy's empty hole