"Mama Knows The Highway" lyrics - RHONDA VINCENT

"Mama Knows The Highway"
(Charles John Quarto / Pete Wasner)

Mama knows the highway by the songs
When she hears a good one she always sings along
She don't ever worry 'bout what's gone
She says,"Good country music will never steer you wrong"

She talks to the truckers with her lights
Maybe a little bit more on Saturday night
She knows a good road to paradise
And that's just enough to keep the highway bright

Well, mama knows the highway now by heart
She can see the rain before it starts
Looking clear through
A windshield full of stars
Mama knows the highway now by heart

She can tell Wyoming by the wind
She can tell another trucker by the rig that he's in
She knows how to watch the river bend
She knows where the real South begins

She can gauge a cafe by looking at the signs
Little old places always share the grand design