"Society Trance" lyrics - RIC OCASEK

"Society Trance"

I was walking by the ocean's lash
And it was like motion from the stars and light had gone
Alien symbols and catfish cracking
Lovers and outsiders divorced from the uncaring world
Are sometimes viewed as heroes or some antiheroes
Absorbed or tormented by loneliness
And the inability to communicate
Decomposed by the system with no power to change it
Trying to get upstairs, the nightmare's humming
And bloody-nosed bums on puke-stained pavements
Cough-up chyme, snot and liquid shit
On their pants and under their fingernails
Imagined maniacs with blistering lips
Scream into cement building doorways

Just watching the society trance
Just watching the society bash
Just watching the society crash

Lightning fools the night
The irredeemable night birds fly
But still by windows, some are running
While transatlantic doll boys sleep
Shadows drip, circle, swim, mystery riddles
Freedom is no direction
'Cause the heart of the matter is all in your head
'Cause the past and the future are illusions
They exist in the present
When you're thinking about them
Through teeter rose inseams and wayward grips
Like a mosquito's insistence
Lightning fools the night

You're watching the society trance
You're watching the society bash
You're watching the society crash

Watching the society trance
Watching the society bash
Watching the society crash

You won't be understood
But always nearly praised or blamed