"You Had My Heart" lyrics - ROBERT CRAY

"You Had My Heart"

Why would you leave
Breaking us apart
I can't believe you want to go, you've had my mind,
You've got my soul
You had my heart
Darling, I've been good to you
I know you know that I am not lyin'
What can do, what can I say to you
All I know is I'll never stop tryin'

To make you stay
To make a brand new start
Down the road, I think you'll find
You had my heart

Ohh, what didn't I do for you
Please let me know, cause my heart's dyin'
I know that we can work things through
Please, may I have a little more time

And I'll prove to you
What things are,
And what things aren't
Down the road I know you'll find
You had my heart

You had my heart