"I Would Change My Life" lyrics - ROBERT EARL KEEN

"I Would Change My Life"

You never liked this place where we've been livin' all along
So you packed up your things and bought a one-way ticket home
Leavin' never hurts as much as bein' left behind

I would change my life
I would make it right
I would change my life
If you would only change your mind

I have spent my hours on some misbegotten dreams
And I have spent my money on some foolish-hearted things
And I have spent my memories on old and bitter wine


Birds are flying south to spend the wintertime
Skies are turning blue to gray
The fire we started here will soon be burning down
And it gets colder every day

I wish that I could find the words to make you come back home
I wish I could say the things you needed for so long
I wish you could see me now
Baby, then you'd find

[Chorus 2x]