"Young Lovers Waltz" lyrics - ROBERT EARL KEEN

"Young Lovers Waltz"

Bob Wills is playing the old London hall
The whole town was out in their best
There is a boy called Caballo he sported a plow
Fell in love with a girl in the blue cotton dress

Now they weren't much on dancing that grand ballroom style
But they shuffled across the dance floor in time
She said I've nothing to offer he said I've nothing to take from you
Except for your heart if you'll say you'll be mine

Young Lovers waltzing on the town square at dawn
Round, round the courthouse with no chaperone
It's a turn for a heartbeat and a turn for a sigh
It's a turn for the waltzers that can't say goodbye

There was biscuits and gravy sweat on the ground
Harvesting late in the eve
And he lay with his blue girl when they lost their first child
Holding her to him away in their dreams


The shadows grew longer the porch swing turned gray
The sunlight gave way to the moon
And I old Caballo rocking away
Hums to his blue girl an old bob wills tune