"Country Child" lyrics - ROBERT FINLEY

"Country Child"

I'm a down from a country boy, misunderstood
Always heard old folks say
That boy ain't gonna be no good
I had own ways of trying to understand
Trying to make it in this messed up world
I'm doing the best I can

Can't stand to drive by a cotton field
It still hurts my back
Every time I look at a cotton field
I think about pulling that sack
Move to the city, country raised
Livin' in the heart of the city ya'll
But I still got my country way

Gonna catch me a greyhound
And go back home
Tried too many city girls
They all keep doin' me wrong
Gonna find me a country girl that lives my lifestyle
Me and her are gonna settle down and raise us a country child

It's hard to make a sudden change
Walking from the country to the city
Everything seems so strange
In the country, girls look at you
Give you a country smile
But these city girls look at me and they just walk on by

I don't understand it, hard as I try
And I ain't broke
I got fifteen dollars and it's all in ones
Got a pocket full of money
I wanna spend it on you honey
Come on baby
Take you down here and get you one of these hotdogs
Hold the mustard on mine

I'm just a country boy
Louisiana raised
I'm just a country boy
Living in a country place