"Is This The Life We Really Want?" lyrics - ROGER WATERS

"Is This The Life We Really Want?"

[Donald Trump:]
"As a example you're CNN. I mean it's story, after story, after story is bad. I won. I won. And the other thing, chaos. There's zero chaos. We are running - this is a fine-tuned machine..."

The goose has gotten fat
On caviar in fancy bars
And subprime loans
And broken homes

Is this the life
The holy grail?
It's not enough that we succeed
We still need others to fail

Fear, fear drives the mills of modern man
Fear keeps us all in line
Fear of all those foreigners
Fear of all their crimes

Is this the life
We really want?
It surely must be so
For this is a democracy and what we all say goes

And every time a student is run over by a tank
And every time a pirate's dog is forced to walk the plank
Every time a Russian bride is advertised for sale
And every time a journalist is left to rot in jail

Every time a young girl's life is casually spent
And every time a nincompoop becomes the president
Every time somebody dies reaching for their keys
And every time that Greenland falls in the fucking sea is because

All of us, the blacks and whites
Chicanos, Asians, every type
Of ethnic group, even folks from Guadalup
The old, the young

Toothless hags, supermodels
Actors, fags, bleeding hearts
Football stars, men in bars
Washer women, tailors, tarts

Grannies, grandpas, uncles, aunts
Friends, relations, homeless tramps
Clerics, truckers, cleaning ladies, ants
Maybe not ants (Why not ants?)

Well, because it's true
That ants don't have enough IQ
To differentiate between

The pain that other people feel
And well, for instance, cutting leaves
Or crawling across windowsills
In search of open treacle tins

So like the ants, are we just dumb?
Is that why we don't feel or see
Or are we all just numbed out on
Reality TV?

So, every time the curtain falls
Every time the curtain falls on some forgotten life
It is because we all stood by
Silent and indifferent

It's normal