"French Press"

I'm alright
If you asked me
But you never do
Is this thing on?
I'm coming at you
From beside a dirty canal
And I've never felt better
Since I let her go
You find out
Who your friends are
When the city's cold
And you speak like a child
And I've been reading the French press
And I've been disconnected

And people used to say
Under their breath
That you got the looks
And I got all of the rest
Did it work out for the best?
And brother don't you know
Brother don't you know
That jealousy's a curse
And what's worse is the silence
It's strange
Are you moving out of range?

Keeping alright
That's good to know
The cup runs over
At the overflow
Well nothing happens here
The time ticks slow
Where the money walks
And the hard air blows
In the same shirt
With the same crack
In the same window
Drinking from a French press
Fiona's changed address
Did you hear about?
(I'm having trouble making you out)
Did you hear about?
(I said I think I'm cutting out)
Did you
(I'm having trouble)
Did you hear about?